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The e - port is easy to install with the kit with all parts provided

Depending on the size of your snug zone and the size of your solar array, it should now be possible to meet almost all of your annual energy needs from solar energy harvested from your own property, only importing from the grid for three or four winter months. If you have chosen the battery storage option, and have achieved a good level of electricity self-consumption – then on balance your exports during summer should offset your imports in winter. Obviously there will be almost no need to export if you use your personal solar power station to power your own personal electric transport requirements.
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- Find a place with good sunlight and reasonably close to the house

- Chalk out the dimensions on the ground surface taking care to measure the diagonals. 

- Just place our recycled rubber mat (made from reclaimed car tyres) on your existing drive or parking bay.

- Erect the galvanized steel portal frame and tighten all bolts.

- Add the treated softwood timber purlins and drill holes for the M12 coach screws. Add toothed washers to avoid overtightening the bolts and crushing the timber sections.

- Fix the mounting brackets to the purlins.

- Slide on the principle horizontal extrusions.

- Fix the mullions having pre - fitted the silicon gaskets with the torx head stainless screws provided.

- Add the final horizontal gaskets

- Carefully place the solar glass sheets in place taking care to retain them with the aluminium cleats provided.

- Add the battery case and cabinet with shelves.

- Ask your electrician to connect up your new solar PowerStation.

We suggest that there is now a good case for reducing your energy demand on an all -electric home, disconnecting from mains gas, and using the funds that you would normally pay for energy purchased from the gas or electric mains grid to service your own energy efficient snug, and solar electric power station.

We believe this plan shows how the majority of UK homes could reduce their energy costs and go net zero, whilst also helping to power their personal zero emissions transportation needs.
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