The homes sit on ballasted raft foundations and can be
deployed on new sites with near zero waste, permitting the
use of 5-year temporary planning applications. 
The homes can be rented directly from the manufacturer who could keep stock to meet demand The communities can be officially registered as urban campsites containing AirBnB accommodation

All of these can be designed with off-grid capability, with
super-insulated building fabric, vapour permeable airtight
construction, heat recovery ventilation, exchangeable 1kwh
LIPo4 batteries, high efficiency integrated solar panels, and
small heat pumps producing heating and hot water. Options
allowing the integration of waste water tanks or composting
WCs enable the prefabricated modules to work well on most
sites. If drainage is available — conventional black and grey
water strategies are adopted. Fresh drinking water is however required to each site. If not truck mounted bowers will fill the integrated freshwater tanks. All the typologies can be moved and redeployed on another site with near zero waste, and at low cost.


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