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New release:
ZEDlife, How to build a low-carbon society today

The argument for low-cost, zero-energy, zero-waste architecture has never been timelier. This book offers a forceful challenge to the status quo and provides workable, sustainable solutions for zero-carbon, zero-waste design.


Available on paperback and E-book 

Architecture Today 


November 2019

100 Houses 100 Years
by the Twentieth Century Society

This book showcases 100 houses – one from each year from 1914 – that represent the range of architectural styles throughout the years and show how housing has adapted to suit urban life. 

Comply or cough up: Unpicking London's radical zero carbon rules

The Architect's Journal

15.09.16/VOL 243/ISSUE 18

From A to ZED

Showhouse August 2016

The Zero Bill Home Lunched on BRE Innovation Park

RIBA award winning zero carbon design and development pioneers ZEDlife have unveiled their innovative response to the housing crisis - the Zero Bills Home. Zero Bills in a nutshell aims to make home energy bills obsolete. With a clever design that minimises energy requirements, the very low energy needs of the household are met by a roof-integrated PV and energy storage system which can also generate enough power to service a small electric vehicle.

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