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USA Workforce Housing

Project information

Client: Workforce Equity, LLC

Project Date: 2018

Site Location: The United States 

Project Status: Design

The community has its heart in the right place. It has been generated by a shared vision for a lifestyle that does not consume more than our fair share of scarce natural resources. The homes and business are designed to provide a high quality climate neutral lifestyle and workstyle powered by renewable energy wherever possible, with the building minimising the footprint of eating, living and local travel. Carefully chosen partners run an on site artisan bakery, organic veg stall, bar, café, and whatever niche restaurants the neighbourhood suggests.

The plan is to make it so easy and convenient to live an affordable, low and possibly zero carbon, climate neutral lifestyle that other people will wonder what all the fuss was all about. Actions speak louder than words.

Number of PV installed

(327 kW peak)


Total Number of clear panels to maximised daylight below roof 



Annual electric output




Annual electric demand

Total Building GIA: 9870sqm​

The idea is to create a vibrant / active community with opportunities for key workers to mix, socialise and exercise safely and in house.


The large roof garden under the atrium is designed to have communal facilities such as a coffee shop, meeting points, bakery and a bar with sunbathing deck.

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