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Eco-park-Forest Green Rovers Stadium

Project information

Client: Ecotricity

Project Date: 2016

Site Location:  Stroud, Gloucestershire  UK

Project Status: Concept Design

The plan is to build much more than a stadium. The unique location next to the motorway between Bristol and Gloucester makes an excellent community resource.

This stadium is a multipurpose building designed to maximise diverse revenue-generating opportunities for the club and create a visitor attraction that also looks good in an area of outstanding natural beauty, with the potential to have a net zero lifetime contribution to greenhouse gases. If the renewable electricity generated by the building-integrated solar farm displaces fossil fuel-powered electricity from the national grid, then it may be possible for the CO2 emissions credit generated to repay the embodied CO2 debt incurred by the initial construction and ongoing running footprint. This would represent a milestone cultural evolution at a time when we must leave fossil fuels and uranium in the ground. 

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