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Shanghai Expo ZED Pavilion

Project information

Client: Empeendimentas

Project Date: 2009-2012

Site Location:  Shanghai, China

Project Status: Construction Finished

The ZED Pavilion at Shanghai EXPO 2010 is an exemplar building showing how zero carbon architecture can be achieved in the Chinese climate (2010)

The ZED Pavillion enjoys an excellent position next to the west entrance of the former UBPA 2010 Shanghai World EXPO site. This four-story pavilion provides 2500sqm of exhibition space, demonstrating that a step-change reduction in our carbon footprint is possible, at the same time as achieving an increase in the overall quality of life for everyone. Explaining the health, lifestyle and commercial benefits that a company this approach is one of the pavilion priorities. The Shanghai Expo ZEDpavilion was not only designed to be a zero-carbon building, but it also provides the basis for a zero-carbon lifestyle. From food to clothing, transport to consumer goods, leisure activities and work practices, we need to consider the environmental impact of all human endeavours. The series of events, exhibitions and activities held in the pavilion informed and inspired visitors; showing that a zero-carbon lifestyle

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